Sweet Pea

wow! i think i have finally awoken from my fog. the fog you are in when a new baby is brought into your life. yeah, THAT kind of fog. our sweet L is now closing in on seven months old. seven months! what just happened? i would have to say the first four months were just spent in shock and trying to figure out what to do, when to get sleep, when to get laundry done, yadda yadda. so yeah, not much blogging from me. not to mention our sweetie seemed to be a bit colicky, so half of each day was spent bouncing, rocking, swaying, and trying to figure out how to console her. just as suddenly, it seemed the crying and fussing pretty much stopped somewhere around four months. then we just had to figure out WHAT to do with our new baby, how to know what she needed, how to keep her entertained, etc.

we’ve been in ECFE classes, which are awesome! i quit my job, did i mention that? hehe. and then there has been the two of us spending as much time with L as possible and watching her grow. wow, does that go fast! she started as a cute little blob that quietly moved at a snail’s pace, and is now a bouncing, squealing, babbling little girl. her feet are her best friends. she’s rolling in both directions, and loves to stand most of all. (!!!) she just figured out jumping, both in her jumperoo and on my lap! she chats and babbles a ton, and talks to herself after she wakes up until we come in and get her. she’s so.dang.cute. and we are so in love! we lovelovelove her so much! we truly feel so lucky. she is our little miracle baby.

and i just want to shout it out here: i am so happy with my life! i can honestly say i don’t think it’s ever been more awesome than it is right now. i am truly grateful for my bountiful, joyous life! i LOVE that i get to spend each day, all day, at home with my hubby and our sweet little baby (and our adorable little kitties too!) mike works at home and has a really flexible easy-going schedule, sometimes having work to do, and other times not, so we both get to spend a lot of time together with our little sweetie, or plan outings together or with friends, etc. i just feel so lucky, like all my dreams have converged into this point in time where they are all happening at once!

don’t get me wrong, we still have other dreams we wish for some day. one long-term goal is to be able to travel to and live about three months each year in a different location (preferably over winter, although we’ll have to see if that’s possible with L’s schoolwork). or even if we can just all travel together, there are many other places we would love to see, and love for L to see as well. egypt and morocco come to mind. or another trip to australia. or argentina. well, there really is a neverending list there, hm?

and then there’s my career dream. yes, i know i left my long-time job and can honestly say i hope to never have a full-time desk job again for as long as i live. i realized the other day that i am at exactly the half-way point in my career (we have been planning and banking on retiring early.) so yeah, the entire first half of my career was spent in ONE place. w o w. so i hope i am done with that kind of thing, and want to move on to something new. especially when little miss L finally gets into school, i realize that i will need something more. so my big new goal is to be a professional photographer! i am so excited it makes me giddy. i went to college for photography, and have been doing it in some fashion since middle school. but i never really thought i could “make it” as a career, so went into design instead. now i realize i can totally make it as a photographer, so now is the time to go for it! i have been spending tons of time reading and brushing up, buying and playing with new equipment, experimenting and shooting, etc. our good friend ken (long-time photo pro) happily joined me as my mentor. things are moving and changing as fast as i can make them (which isn’t saying much when i have a seven month old to care for all day.) but i’m loving it and that’s all that matters!

so yay! i am so grateful for the way my life has unfolded. it’s definitely had its bumps along the way. but i have learned and grown so much, and for that, and for everything I have, i am truly thankful.