i still can’t believe it. i quit my job. the first and only job i’ve had since i graduated from college. 16+ years, and i just quit. wow!

why did i quit? i had to. i had no other choice. there was no way in the universe i could leave lucia every day while i was somewhere else for 8+ hours. i tried to imagine it, but my brain wouldn’t even let me go there. i read and heard numerous stories from other mothers who did that same thing, and they talked about how miserable and devastated they were, how they cried all the time, etc. i can’t even imagine doing that! no amount of money would be worth it for me. after all we’ve been through to get her here, after hearing about her wanting us to bring her in since the year 2000, knowing she’s been there waiting for us all this time, how could i leave her behind?

so here i am. a stay-at-home mom. i never imagined wanting to do this with my life, but now that i am here, i know every second that i made the right decision. i can’t believe how fast she is growing and changing. lucia was 2 months old the day i quit. she’s spending a lot more time awake every day. she’s smiling at us and copying our facial gestures. she holds her head up like a pro. she’s already even rolled over once! and i know by the time i blink she will be in school. so i am looking forward to watching her every day and being there for her as she grows.

so i quit!