31 weeksi am sitting in the hospital, after almost 4 weeks of bed rest and frequent monitoring. the time each day went pretty fast, but overall, the 4 weeks went very slow. at times, it was pretty painful sitting here while the world went on without me.

today is the last day before my c-section. there are so many emotions flowing through me i don’t know where to start. there is such a huge amount of relief that we have (almost) made it through this entire journey. there is also fear of the c-section. and then the fact that our new little baby will be here tomorrow – i don’t even know where to start with that one! anxious, nervous, excited, relieved, fearful, ecstatic, all rolled into one.

there is also the obvious fact that my life will never be the same again. the old life will be gone, replaced by the new one, both for better and for worse. i know it will all be worth it, but it’s hard to envision it all from this perspective.

it was such an unbelievably difficult journey to get here, full of soaring highs and dark lows. we have already grown and changed in so many ways and are not the same people now as when we started. so in that way, our lives already will never be the same. but now we have reached our goal, and can look back and see how far we have really come, and be amazed by it all.

see you on the flip side!