great river bluffs, minnesota, 2008

great river bluffs, minnesota, 2008

dreams are so funny. the way they give you no control over what comes out of your head. the way they show a quick little metaphoric rundown of what is going on in your life. the way they are just so …. OBVIOUS …. in what they are trying to tell you.

last night, i was hiking on a path through the woods. it was a path i had traveled many times before, and was very familiar with. i was heading “back” (wherever “back” was.) i got to the point where a road crossed the path, and I discovered that a low fence had been put up over the path along the sides of the road. i wondered about it for a moment, then hopped over and kept going. when i got to the other side of the road, the fence that had been put up there was higher, so it was a bit harder to jump over than the first fence.

after clearing the second fence, i was going to continue on my way, but i discovered that the trail was now impassable, almost as though i had to climb up a cliff. somehow i knew that there was construction going on, but i also knew that if i left the trail and tried to find a different way “back,” i would get lost. i had to find another way to get onto to the trail.

(this point in the dream led me on a detour involving an alice in wonderland-style man/dog character as well as sliding down a cable into the center of a mountain.)

i eventually found my way back to the trail. the trail i remembered from the past had been a low boardwalk through the woods. now, it was an overgrown mine-field. the boards were ripped up and chaotic, rising and falling in a mountainous configuration. scrubby plants and vines grew through and over the boards. nails were sticking out here and there. mice and other critters were dodging in and out of the plants. oh, and i was barefoot!

none of this stopped me from gingerly picking my way over the boardwalk in search of my final destination, my way “back.”