badlands, south dakota, 2008

sometimes it just so happens that the universe converges and a number of major events happen at once. for example, there can’t just be one activity scheduled on a particular night, but you have to decide between two or even three.

just as wickedly, the universe can also make two bad situations happen at once. each one would be perfectly miserable just by itself, but the universe converges and gives you a two-for-one deal.

after spending the last few months in my own (matching!) pair of bad situations, i’ve found a positive side to all of it. when you have two stressful things happen at once, then you can only spend half of your time worrying/feeling sad/etc about each situation. therefore, you get to save your collective time, and yourself, from the ravages of sadness/stress/etc. somehow, this thought seems to make me feel just a tiny bit better about it all. strange but true.