how much i love easter island? after australia, it’s the best place i’ve ever visited. the island does have a pretty sad history, and the energy still isn’t all that great. but there was something magical about it, in a sad, lonely sort of way.

we arrived on easter day in 2004. after we checked into our hotel (small b&b place on a dirt road, we were the only ones staying there….) we rented our small “suv” and jumped in to immediately search for some moai statues. we headed for the motherload right out of the gate: the quarry in the mountain where all the moai were carved. when we finally found it, we discovered there were still many dozens of them left in their states of creation scattered about. we spent the whole morning and part of the afternoon exploring the area. we loved it so much we came back again a few days later, after driving over the whole island and visiting all the other ahu we could. this photo shows numerous moai upon ahu tongariki, which was very close to the quarry. it was probably the most impressive area after the quarry because of the number of moai together. standing on the mountain, surrounded by the maoi-in-carved-state, while viewing this ahu from a distance…….i can’t even describe the feeling. if you ever get a chance to visit this island, i can’t recommend it more.


ahu tongariki, easter island, 2004